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Band Members

Rebecca Pidgeon and Roger Fife. Later they were joined by Erika Spotswood and Anthony Coote.

Current Label

26 Music

Ruby Blue was a Scottish folk, pop and jazz influenced group, formed by Roger Fife and actress Rebecca Pidgeon. They recorded their first demo in Roger's flat in Edinburgh and were quickly signed to London Indie label Red Flame records, by Indie label boss Dave Kitson. They released their first album “Glances Askances,” which was recorded on a shoestring budget in a run down studio in London. Tracks from their debut achieved playlisting and daytime play on Radio 1. There followed three further singles (“Because,” “Bloomsbury Blue” and “Stand Together”) on the Red Flame label. The duo were joined by Erika Spotswood (a friend of Rebecca's from RADA) on harmony vocals and Anthony Coote on bass guitar. Following some favourable reviews, radio play and an Indie chart placing with their single “Stand Together,” Rebecca and Roger were signed to a major label deal, the Polygram imprint Fontana.

 The next release was the album “Down from Above,” recorded again in London but this time with a major budget and the use of additional musicians such as Steve Wickham from the Waterboys on fiddle, and Steve Ferrera on drums, who had been playing Suzanne Vega. Gavyn Wright was also brought in to aid in laying down the string sections. The album had a highly polished, if somewhat clinical sound. Ruby Blue went out on tour, a rather traumatising experience for a band that had played very few live shows. However with the thought in mind of honing a live sound they hit the road! 

They played shows with Van Morrison, Lyle Lovett, Martin Stepenson, and made appearances at Glastonbury, Reading, WOMAD and eventually the Cambridge folk festival. Many further live shows followed climaxing with the band playing live in the HMV store on Oxford Street in London to a surprised but enthusiastic crowd. “Down from Above” was released and entered the album charts. Ruby Blue were featured at year's end by The Guardian as one of the bands to watch.

However just as the band was preparing to demo songs for the next album, Rebecca left the group to go and live and with writer/director David Mamet who she subsequently married.

In the meantime to satisfy fans and keep some presence out in the world, Dave Kitson released a compilation of B-sides and out takes in an album titled “Broken Water.” There are some interesting versions of songs that were subsequently re-recorded and released on other albums.

Roger attempted to carry on with Ruby Blue with Erika Spotswood now on lead vocals. A new album was recorded (“Almost Naked”) but the elements that had made Ruby Blue work were missing and the album was in large part a creative and commercial failure. Shortly after the release of “Almost Naked,” Roger decided to call it a day and Ruby Blue had come to an End.

Rebecca Pidgeon has continued to release solo albums. Roger Fife has gone on to work as producer, engineer and mixer with a wide range of recording artists.

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